Portland at Sunrise

After a whirling dervish of a 5 day driving/walking/eating/music-ing trek to Portland, it is very good to be home.  And I am incredibly relieved that home is still home, and not the home we bid on.  Alas, someone else had more money than we did when it came to the 1890's gem in historic draper, and while Dan and I would love to own a home like that someday, I think both of us were a little relieved that someday isn't today.  There are many more homeless adventures yet to be had.

I had a wonderful time with our new camera in Portland, and I promise that a photojournal shall follow shortly. I had some nice breakthroughs with the camera, and of course lots of frustrations. The camera is going to be smarter than me for a very long time, and I have to make peace with that as I continue to build my skills.

More than anything, I loved traveling with Dan again, who is my ideal traveling companion. It's so convenient that we're married.  Now I just need to convince him that all that money he wants to spend on a mortgage would be ideally spent on lots of plane tickets, hostels, phrase books and museum admissions.

All in all, the past week has been a powerful and wonderful reminder of the lesson that I learned in Eastern Europe, which is that you are ALWAYS home.  Earth was created in such a variety of expanses, climates, elevations and waterways, and it's all yours for the taking.  Home is a dream, home is a place, and home is a feeling.  For me, it always feels like it's everywhere, and for that I feel incredibly lucky.  Today, home is the comfort of my lifelong partner, home is our shared visions of the future, and home is a funny 2 bedroom in sugarhouse, in the hills of our paradoxical Zion.


Ball Lightning said…
beautiful blog. loved every word. excited for the photojournal too =)

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