Adobe Relationshop 10.0

It was not unusual for me to stay until 5 or 6 o'clock at night after an afternoon deadline to flirt with format the Lehi High School Newspaper.  Before most of those computers were equipped with internet and gchat and other distracting features, I could sit and just mess with Quark Xpress to my heart's content.  I learned photo tricks and layers and rulers and adjustments and I actually wrote the high school's 20 page manual and guidelines for Quark as if I were writing sonnets of my endless 17 year old love.  The final copy wasn't sealed with a kiss and sprayed with a bit of my favorite perfume, but it should have been.

I hear they've since moved on to Adobe Indesign, and it took me a couple pints of Haagen Dazs and a month of chick flicks in bed to get over it.

I suppose I did get over it- like forgotten 6th period love notes scratched on college rule, I have not opened the shortcut to my personal copy of Quark in years. I love formatting, but there's been no need, and Quark's obsolete status in the rest of the world has made me wonder why I held on so long. Well, this past week I spent 7 hours in a short format Adobe Photoshop course, and it was the fastest 7 hours of my life. Let's just say there's a new man in my life, and I can't take my eyes off him. 

Like most relationships, this one has an expensive beginning.  You have to prove you're willing to go to extremes together, try them out, spend time together, find out if you're compatible, and invest, invest, invest. with boyfriends, it looks like dinner. With software, it looks like class. The U offers a whole short format web design certificate in the Adobe suite, and when I think about it, my palms get sweaty, my heart races, and I pull out a mirror and start teasing my hair in some uncontrollable desperation to look good.

 But it's an expense, as is everything in this world, as is my certification for Hippotherapy, as is our camera, and as is eating 3 full meals a day.  At some point, I have to stop being the Bachelorette of Hobbies and send a few of the boys packing. Here I stand before a dozen beautiful hobbies, and but a few roses. 

Only my version doesn't have that creeper host.  


Ball Lightning said…
haha! I love this post! Very interesting topic too! How do you pick which hobby to give your time and energy too?
Lacey J. said…
Chris Harrison rocks my world!!!

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