Cool People Make Their Own Luck.

2010 took flight on a cool california breeze, and 2011 burst through the door with a winter storm's ferocity. Between unforgiving work schedules, long commutes, flat tires, ailing grandmas and lots of driving, there were bright and warming moments that ushered Dan and I from December to January.  I was given little time to contemplate the year I was stepping out of, and what world I was stepping into. 

I guess you know you're a grownup when life is coming at you so fast you don't have time to remember what you were doing here. That's what keeps the world going forward I suppose. But I'm not terribly interested in living like that.

The next year of our lives is shaping up to be a year of preparation.  We will be readying ourselves for what we really want in the future and making light of what we've built in the meantime.  We're not even really sure what we want, but we're completely determined to live an authentic life. 

San Diego, Eureka, Kanab, New Orleans, Park City, the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau, the Ranch.

Camp K, wedding blogs, the Pioneer Woman, baking, the glory of Vinyl, mail merging, po' boys, Zenyatta, my mother's winter riding boots at the bottom of a box in the garage, true love (not just the boots, mind you).

Greek, Indian, Seafood, Mexican, Creole, Vegan, Italian, Nordic, In n Out (welcome to Utah!!!) and more french fries than I would ever admit.

Missed: Every single damn thing about Virginia/Maryland, cutting the cake at my wedding, lots of busses, living in California, and my friend Ari's bridal fitting.

Things I almost missed but miraculously made:  hearing the last play of the BYU/Utah game, spending New Years Eve in San Diego, the Gold Medal Round my first day at the World Equestrian Games, my own wedding reception.

Things I will never forget:  Watching Fuego's dressage freestyle in Kentucky with tears in my eyes, crying with relief when Tiff got home from her assignment in Nigeria alive, turning the corner of that little white church and seeing Dan at the end of the aisle on my wedding day.

Things to work on: swearing while playing nertz at the Jackson residence.

Happy 2011!


Lacey J. said…
I'm grateful to have a fellow family game time accidental swearer. Takes some of the pressure off me.

Modern day Confucius woman say: Game time is the funniest time to swear.
Tiff said…
you haven't played with your uncle yet!! Nerts was the 1st game he taught me on our 2nd date...doubles with another Kanaber! :) AWESOME Post! Love reading them...ya I know I need to do better!
Lil' Sally said…
Oh man, you know it was bad when you cried because I made it back alive, not just safe. <3 you had a pretty terrific year, just wasn't the same east coast without you.

"Crabs to go?" "I know girls like that." ;)

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