Commitment and the Surplus Store

Things that I am currently recommitted to:

Doing better at my job.

Going back to Hungary someday, speaking that ridiculous language better, and riding a horse along the Danube. (the hungarians are serious horse people. Did you know that?)

Using Failblog and Myveryworstdate as a reward instead of a tool of procastination.

wearing everything in my closet or giving it away.

Citrus as a flavoring for everything.

Making my cubicle incredibly classy and cozy, and apparently refuse to hide my obsession with the equine.


Things I'm falling off the bandwagon of:

blogging-sorry about that. it has to do with the better job thing.

The Bachelor-I've decided that the Bachelorette is the only one worth really watching. Ouch. I admitted that.

Lucky Charms- it had a good run, but gluten free Cinnamon Chex are getting me out of bed in the morning now. I still miss Count Chocula.

Groupon- I'm so bad at using my groupons.

Cafe Rio-I have been once in the past several months. Tomatillo doesn't have the hold on me it once did.

Thing that is awesome:

The Uvinersity of Uhat Surplus and Salvage Store.  All the decor that they ditch throughout the year gets sent here for public purchase. It's a glorified furniture D.I., except that instead of feeling grossed out by the furniture because it was in some stranger's home, you're sort of mystified by it because it was in some historic office on Fort Douglas or lining the lobby of your major's department for 40-something years.  It was here that I came upon my retro white vinyl chairs which now sit in my living room, $10 apiece.  O how I love them.  (Also, they sell towers, monitors, keyboards, hard drives, wierd scientific equipment and billions of other things that are nearly brand new for fractions of their cost.  Well worth the look for those of you who are tech junkies.)

Have a very merry tuesday, knowing limes are loved, the Rio is loathed, and there is a new place for you dirty hispters to go thrifting and then brag about it.  like me. oops.



Daniel T said…
I'm committed to go on more Wendover adventures. I WON NINE CENTS!

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