Awkward Meetings.

Have you ever found yourself dreading an interaction without a clear sense of why, and then as soon as the interaction occurs, you realize exactly why you were instinctively dreading it, and it was because it was fated to be indescribably impossibly unreasonably outrageously awkward?


Some Thoughts on Pants

When I was in 8th grade, they had a "career day" at my middle school, where students were invited to come dressed up as the profession that they aspired to.  At North Sanpete Middle School, this meant there were a lot of people dressed in overalls (farmers or mechanics) or in belt buckles (bull riders) or in scrubs, which was by far the coolest thing to come dressed in.  There were a few teachers and a mightly number of ambitious 6th Spice Girls or solo country singers. 

Enter me, wearing knee boots, breeches, a hunt coat and a number pinned to my back.  It might as well have been a target on my back at that school, but I was not, nor would I ever be a victim of Ophelia Syndrome, and never resorted to anyone making me a sheep (real sheep in sanpete=good thing, 7th graders as sheep= bad thing) and wore my abhorrently tight grey pants with pride. For about an hour.  Then I sort of wished that career day would become "moroni turkey plant blew the town circuit again, go home early" day.  

All day long I seemed to confuse my schoolmates about what I was, fully outed myself as a prissy horse geek, and most importantly to a 13 year old, disgraced fashion by abandoning the only 2 brand of pants accepted in 1999 at my school, Wranglers and JNCOs. 

It may have been the memories of that day which led me to closet my equine passions for a mighty eight years until my college job at A.A. Callisters.  You had to know a girl like my boss, Sam-- who made Fatbaby Cowboy Boots and studded lime green belt buckles look like high fashion and who could tell you the difference between every liniment and supplement Callisters sold-- to remember that loving horses is COOL. 

Fast forward to 2011, and the invention of Jeggings.  Suddenly, my tight pants with pockets, tucked into tall boots is totally the thing to do.  Vogue is covered in these painfully funny ads of skinny models with stuffed horses trying to look "equestrian" but actually looking uncomfortable.  But their discomfort is my vindication.

My mother recently bought me these pants for riding in, but I have no doubt I could wear these to the office on Casual Fridays with a pair of tall boots and make a real running in "Casual Friday Fashion Queen of the Day." PLEASE LET THIS FAD LAST FOR FOREVER AND NOT BE A FAD!!!!


The only question remaining is, do I need to scrape the mud and manure off my boots and jeggings for it to count as fashionable?   

Happy Monday, Y'all.


Update: Living

I should also let you know, if for any reason you can't get to youtube in your country or it's blocked at work, you can also access the video here:


Couldn't sleep last night, thinking about my time at the House.  Le sigh. 



This might be the most extraordinary thing I've ever been able to share on this blog that I have a direct tie to.  The embedded video below is one of the many amazing TED talks, where the most exceptional individuals from all walks of life are invited to come and speak about their experience as doctors or rocket scientists or any number of other elite titles. 

The woman in this TED talk is one I can say is one of my most cherished acquaintances.  Her name is Charity, she's an opera singer with pulminary hypertension, and her grandfather was the late Tom Lantos, my holocaust-surviving chairman at the Committee on Foreign Affairs.  He was a profound influence on me, as was every member of his family that I was able to meet.  Charity, her brother Corban, and a few others of his grandchildren would occassionally be in the office, lighting the room with their friendliness, charisma and zeal, even in the wake of Tom's death, and mere weeks later, their father's death in an untimely car accident.

To know now that their family was so close to losing Charity that year, too, makes it all the more monumental to hear her sing and perform now.  Charity's message of what it means to live for something is so powerful to me, and I hope everyone who reads this blog will take 20 minutes of their day to watch this.  I promise that the rest of your day (or however much of your life you let it) will be better for it. 


Commitment and the Surplus Store

Things that I am currently recommitted to:

Doing better at my job.

Going back to Hungary someday, speaking that ridiculous language better, and riding a horse along the Danube. (the hungarians are serious horse people. Did you know that?)

Using Failblog and Myveryworstdate as a reward instead of a tool of procastination.

wearing everything in my closet or giving it away.

Citrus as a flavoring for everything.

Making my cubicle incredibly classy and cozy, and apparently refuse to hide my obsession with the equine.


Things I'm falling off the bandwagon of:

blogging-sorry about that. it has to do with the better job thing.

The Bachelor-I've decided that the Bachelorette is the only one worth really watching. Ouch. I admitted that.

Lucky Charms- it had a good run, but gluten free Cinnamon Chex are getting me out of bed in the morning now. I still miss Count Chocula.

Groupon- I'm so bad at using my groupons.

Cafe Rio-I have been once in the past several months. Tomatillo doesn't have the hold on me it once did.

Thing that is awesome:

The Uvinersity of Uhat Surplus and Salvage Store.  All the decor that they ditch throughout the year gets sent here for public purchase. It's a glorified furniture D.I., except that instead of feeling grossed out by the furniture because it was in some stranger's home, you're sort of mystified by it because it was in some historic office on Fort Douglas or lining the lobby of your major's department for 40-something years.  It was here that I came upon my retro white vinyl chairs which now sit in my living room, $10 apiece.  O how I love them.  (Also, they sell towers, monitors, keyboards, hard drives, wierd scientific equipment and billions of other things that are nearly brand new for fractions of their cost.  Well worth the look for those of you who are tech junkies.)

Have a very merry tuesday, knowing limes are loved, the Rio is loathed, and there is a new place for you dirty hispters to go thrifting and then brag about it.  like me. oops.



Cool People Make Their Own Luck.

2010 took flight on a cool california breeze, and 2011 burst through the door with a winter storm's ferocity. Between unforgiving work schedules, long commutes, flat tires, ailing grandmas and lots of driving, there were bright and warming moments that ushered Dan and I from December to January.  I was given little time to contemplate the year I was stepping out of, and what world I was stepping into. 

I guess you know you're a grownup when life is coming at you so fast you don't have time to remember what you were doing here. That's what keeps the world going forward I suppose. But I'm not terribly interested in living like that.

The next year of our lives is shaping up to be a year of preparation.  We will be readying ourselves for what we really want in the future and making light of what we've built in the meantime.  We're not even really sure what we want, but we're completely determined to live an authentic life. 

San Diego, Eureka, Kanab, New Orleans, Park City, the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau, the Ranch.

Camp K, wedding blogs, the Pioneer Woman, baking, the glory of Vinyl, mail merging, po' boys, Zenyatta, my mother's winter riding boots at the bottom of a box in the garage, true love (not just the boots, mind you).

Greek, Indian, Seafood, Mexican, Creole, Vegan, Italian, Nordic, In n Out (welcome to Utah!!!) and more french fries than I would ever admit.

Missed: Every single damn thing about Virginia/Maryland, cutting the cake at my wedding, lots of busses, living in California, and my friend Ari's bridal fitting.

Things I almost missed but miraculously made:  hearing the last play of the BYU/Utah game, spending New Years Eve in San Diego, the Gold Medal Round my first day at the World Equestrian Games, my own wedding reception.

Things I will never forget:  Watching Fuego's dressage freestyle in Kentucky with tears in my eyes, crying with relief when Tiff got home from her assignment in Nigeria alive, turning the corner of that little white church and seeing Dan at the end of the aisle on my wedding day.

Things to work on: swearing while playing nertz at the Jackson residence.

Happy 2011!