Why My Mom is Pretty Much the Greatest Person on the Planet.

Somewhere in the innumberable horse blogs that I check every day, I stumbled upon a link to the logistics company for the World Equestrian Games (that little diddy of an adventure I went to in Kentucky back in October, you may remember me pretty much self destructing with dangerous mixtures of devastation and glee over a 4 day period.) 

Anyway, this company is selling off "used WEG" items, including rubber stall mats used by the horses that competed at the World Equestrian Games.  As one delightful equestrian blogger put it: "That is, if you want to own a piece of history by buying something that a French reining horse crapped on."

And the answer is of course, yes, yes as a matter of fact I DO! 

What makes this awesome is that since I don't have a horse, or a stall for that matter, I always pawn horse items off on my mother to buy for HER horses.  It's a happy relationship.

My mother's reply:  yeah, cool, find out how much for shipping to 92084 for 10' x 10'

And that's why my mother is ACTUALLY my best friend.


Daniel T said…
I love the ms paint horse poops. I'm just wondering why the mat is at the base of a massive erupting volcano.

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