An Unexpected Snow.

Okay, Maybe it wasn't unexpected for everyone else, but I don't listen to weather reports. 

I prefer either the doom and gloom of NPR, or the happy tidings of Solos Exitos on 106.1, which is currently playing a smattering of Spanish Christmas music.

But the good news is that it was a delightful surprise when this morning the campus looked like this.  The students are mostly gone, the few peaceful sounds are muffled by the layer of the Lord's sound insulator.

And then five campus shuttles go by, pound my car with black slush, the parking meter nazi is watching me to be sure I put enough change in my meter to keep his preying bloodthirsty claws off my wiper blide, and I almost get hit by a University sidewalk truck.

Don't be fooled by it's peaceful columns.  On campus, chaos is eminent. Or at least a parking ticket. 

I escaped that one today. 

I hope you've enjoyed these ramblings of a working woman.  Merry Snow Day.


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