Bizarre Breaking News

1. That lunatic accused of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart was found guilty, not insane. So apparently he's NOT a lunatic, he's just a despicable human being.

2. I kissed a boy and I liked it. (to mock dan for the fact that he owns cherry chapstick and is the only person on planet earth who did not associate that ownership with Katie Perry's pop sensation.)

3. My crazy sport of 3 Day Eventing is currently considering the possibility of requiring a buckled and approved safety helmet at all times. That would mean the end of the dismal derby hat on Day 1, and safety at all times for all riders. For a sport known for it's danger, it's a delightfully conscious effort. We should have an official answer by next week.

4. Not exactly breaking news, but I did spend my lunch hour at Camp K to help with the "Horses for Heroes" program, in which we invite war veterans to come up and ride, which helps with mobility, PTSD, and, duh, makes you feel good. One of the vets with a long white beard and the bluest of blue eyes had a hard time getting on, but once he was in the saddle, only wanted to gallop! His old pal happily obliged and dociley tore around the arena to the Vet's delight. It was hard not to appreciate how fun it was for him. I rode bareback, which was a stark reminder of how much I've lost in my old seat, but the 4 year old mare I was on was nothing short of a total hoot. Easily the best lunch hour of my whole entire life.

5. I had to make 2 dishes last night for 2 food contests today. My artichokes with vegan dip lost today. BUT, there is still hope for my Nantucket Cranberry Pie tonight. Cross your fingers, mateys!

6.  I just accidentally posted this on my work blog instead of this blog.  That was embarrassing.  Blogger says no one was viewing the page in that past hour, so here's hoping that no one knows I complained about losing the office vegan cook-off.  yeesh.


Ball Lightning said…
Tee Hee to #2 and a solid LOL to #6 doh!

Love you guys!

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