Walking in a Winter Wonderland....Indoors?

Forgive this slightly self indulgent wife post that could probably be a page right out of seriously so blessed. I promise not to do this more than a couple times a year.  Unless I'm having an especially good wife month, and then it could be more.  Or if I'm having an especially poor wife year someday, you might luck out and just get ramblings about corn dogs and my thoughts on global warming. LUCKY YOU!!!!!

My twisted wife weekend began with my first attempt at a chocolate pecan pie. It's a first attempt because I am hoping to take said pie to the Jackson Family Thanksgiving in Kanab, and I will not take a first attempt pie to such a grand occassion.  I have standards to set. 

Thank heavens it was a first attempt. Despite following the recipe exactly, it was terribly eggy and watery.  The evaporated milk didn't set up, and my whisking apparently left much to be desired.  And, I couldn't taste the chocolate at all. Terrible recipe, and even worse whisking.  I hope to have that sorted out before this Thursday :S

I took a break from domesticity Saturday morning and audited a horse training clinic with my friend/employer Rebecca (who owns Gwen) which was a wonderful opportunity to brush up some of my old Dressage skills, meet and see some of the big players in the Utah dressage scene right now, and garner some new techniques, as well as talk horses with my new horse friend (you don't know how valuable these are in a shrinking horse world!)  It was very motivating for some of my future ambitions- some top secret plans that are still in the works!  More on that later in the month, I think. 

I returned in the afternoon, and le Husband and I decided to start a puzzle someone gave us as a wedding gift.  Thinking this was a good alternative to a game in which Dan and I compete against each other, I soon come to hear the tale of how the Jackson siblings used to time each other doing 100 piece puzzles, and I soon realized there are very few activities that come in a box that aren't considered competitive in this clan.  The good news is, I think I am winning at the puzzle.

Sunday we woke up post blizzard/harry potter trauma (yes, I find the entire HP franchise to be basically traumatizing; "let's introduce you to some characters that you will learn to love and then write 6 more books that tortures, manipulates, drives apart, and breaks down all those nice people while you helplessly read/watch on.  have fun!!!" but I still read/watch anyway.)  to discover that the power was out.  We called the power company, whose automated message informed us that there were 19,000 people without power in the salt lake valley, and we settled in for a long frigid day.  Actually, it was lovely.  turning off TVs, records, and distractions for a day led to le Husband and I having many the nice chat about our lives, our dreams, our best stories.  It was nice to have a day essentially devoted to how happy we are together, how much we get along, and how good we've got it.  We've each weathered storms before now, and there's undoubtedly storms ahead. But in the midst of a frigid power outage and a foot of snow, I felt like I'd found my oasis, drinking up the good times that I will rely on in the hard times.

The power came back, and we returned to the regularly scheduled lazy Sunday of HGTV and football highlights, microwaving leftovers and brewing tea,  but a little better for the quiet snowy morning. 

Happy Monday.


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