TT: One Day Like This

One Day Like This by Elbow was the anthem of my President's Day trip to Williamsburg, Virginia in the winter of 2009.  I am a sucker for violins, gruff vocals, and symphonic finales, so this song could have been written for me and me alone.  Other people like it too, I hear.

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Williamsburg at Sunset:

Jamestown Island: first permanent American settlement by Europeans

Confederate Cemetery outside Virginia Beach


Lacey J. said…
I love this song! I've never heard it before this very day. I also love how much you're posting. You fill my days with joy.
Ball Lightning said…
I love the same things you love about it. Fantastic song, thanks for sharing!
Ball Lightning said…
Perhaps I really love this song. It just inspired me to download about a hundred Elbow tracks. Thanks again!
Daniel T said…
Show it to me in about forty days. Right now I'm listening to the Little Drummer Boy.

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