Thank You For Your Donation to the J. Willard Marriott Library

As any Dan and Lorraine Wedding Attendee would know (yes, that's a proper noun.  Other collective people worthy of being proper nouns: the 2008 Inaugural Purple Tunnel of Doom Ticket Holders, 1968 Race Riots Survivor, and People Who Have Seen Lorraine's Thriller Move) a vast collection of antique books was one of the things we used to decorate our pioneer wedding.  While these books might have seemed like an expense, or possibly a violation of library borrowing terms, they were actually acquired at the University of Utah Marriot Library Book Sale. Over the course of two-1 hour lunch breaks, I managed to acquire 11 bags of antique hardover books for just over $16, and several black and blue bruises on my arms for being too proud to make more than 2 trips, and refusing to accept help. I still consider that a steal.
The question is, with this year's sale going on (November 1-5 9am-5pm at the Library) how wrong would it be to do that again WITHOUT the excuse of wedding tables?  I mean, you really need to see my 500 page hardbound 1947 Symposium of Salt book to appreciate the stuff that's coming out of this sale (and don't worry Dad, that book still has your name on it.)

The point being, save me from myself, and go buy a bunch of books before I do.  Otherwise Dan and I are going to have a house someday that looks like this:

that's a children/cat/dog/horse friendly environment, right?  (oh who cares. Best. House. Ever.)


Daniel T said…
Where would we put a foosball table?
madre said…
perfect house. get rid of all those dumb books, stack some hay in that nice mezzanine, put some stalls on that lovely main floor and move in the equines. all in favor say "neigh"...

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