Should I?

A. Start studying ferociously for the GRE, take it in December, reconnect to long lost professors and employers to get letters of recommendation, and apply for a graduate program at the University of Utah for next fall, hoping to pursue a master's degree in Environmental Humanities with a focus on the the culture of the dying Equine Industry.

B. Do that same thing, but apply somewhere random and delectible for a newlywed excursion into the great Wild America.

C. Pursue every spare waking hour for the next year of my life to getting enough volunteer hours to get my introductory certification for Equine Hippotherapy, with the ambition of one day being certified as a master Hippotherapist and starting my own therapeutic riding farm wherever I damn well please.

D. Take a whole lot of continuing education, online, and night courses to get up to speed on web design, social networking, photography and writing with the ambition of one day having an o holy top notch horse blog that will become the online bible to all things equine in the intermountain west, thus fulfilling a lifelong dream of being awesome for a living.

E. Buy a farm in Mexico with Dan and live off the land.

F. Make Dan start studying like crazy for the GRE and let him apply all over, and perhaps take advantage of the sweet awesome half tuition deal I get at the U, or go somewhere else that is awesome.

G. Do that other dream that I always had of starting a non-profit organization that sends specialists to agri-heavy developing nations to teach them better livestock practices, in conjunction with the UN.

H. Move to New York and be a waitress and Dan can be cab driver and we pool our tips to pay rent and ride the carousel in Central Park until our stomachs hurt. 

I. Move to Nashville where Dan can sell one of his amazing songs to Brad Paiseley or that wretched Kelly Pickler and make us a million dollars and then retire to a farm just yonder of Dollywood.

J. Move to Dollywood.

K. Restore my Dad's airstream into a chow truck and have Kanab's best traveling restaurant, and spend the rest of my time riding a donkey in the redrock (they never get thirsty, you see.)

L. Having an interstate chowtruck and seeing the country while still making ends meet.

M. Chain myself to a fencepost at the Wild Horse Sanctuary they're building in Nevada and refuse to eat until they give me a job, and then live happily ever after in Small Town, Nowhere like Dan always dreamed.

N. Move to India. I haven't thought much farther past that point, but come on. I would kill in a Sari.

O. Apply for couples barn jobs on YardandGroom and run someone else's beautiful horse farm with Dan in exchange for health insurance and some spare change.

P. Open an art gallery/music venue/sandwich shop in downtown Salt Lake and become a hub of the indie hipster university scene with our artsy skillz. holla.

Q. Sometimes I still wonder if there's still an opening at the DMV in Middleton, Virginia....

R. Haul Dan along to Geneva Switzerland to try and get a job at the IOC and fulfill my dream of having a paid permanent position of any sort working for the greatest show of sport in the human race.

S. Move to pretty much anywhere outside of the US and try to get EXpat work for the government, just for fun.

T. Enroll in beauty school, just so I can sing beauty school dropout and know that it applies.

U. Become a Starbucks Barista for the health insurance and spend the rest of my time reading the 4,000 books that Dan and I have already accumulated and never have time to read.

V. See if I can talk my dad into opening just ONE more antique store...

W. Come up with a feasible way to make just enough money living at the Ranch, and pay my parents rent to live in paradise until the die I die.

X. Two Words: Sombrero Girl.

Y. One Word: Welfare.

Z. Status Quo? NAAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhh


Ball Lightning said…
wow what an awesome list! of course im going to vote for something more high adventure. go do something crazy and live the dream. the cram for school thing doesnt really speak to me, but, buying a farm in mexico does! =)

i envy you guys! and i cant wait to see where you take yourselves.
Tiffani said…
uuuuhhhhhhh......errrrrr.......eeeeeeee.......follow your heart?

totally wimped out.

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