The Paradoxical Housewife Wish List

1. I don't think that I've ever had a real pining for an item like this one, which I most certainly seem incapable of getting even if I were rich. 
I suppose if I were ACTUALLY rich, I could fly to London and go to a store and get these, but otherwise, I'm out of luck.  They're so sophisticated, sleek, but totally turn of the century.  I would wear these in July. That kind of love.

2. Gilberto Gil's Album, Nega.  Exiled from Brazil and living in London in the 70's, this album is known for the loneliness of it- he clearly sounds homesick, covering the rapturous "can't find my way home" and then an almost eerily obligatory cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Did he genuinely like the Beatles?  Or was he deferring to London's power when he chose it?  Either way, wish I had this album on a vinyl, could curl up in my giant red chair in the study with a warm beverage and disappear in his voice.

This unusual but awesome cover also reminds me of the delightsome Neon Trees take on Justin Beiber's "Baby"

3. To Kiss Dan at the top of this:

4. Went to IKEA on Saturday, and I saw this piece and immediately felt the instinctual urge to design an entire kitchen around this single piece of furniture:

I think that the version that we saw of this was slightly darker, but truly, it comes down to the fact that I am a sucker for billions of drawers, textured glass, and giant slabs of thick wood.  This is sort of my architectural nirvana, to the point that I would send my previous list of career ambitions down the Nile in order to be a housewife and make cherry pie and pickle random vegetables in the kitchen inspired by this.  So maybe it's a good thing we're renting a galley kitchen right now.  Keeps me employed.

5. To have someone truly stylish come into my house while I am sleeping, and throw away the half of my wardrobe that needs to die, and help me choose my permament, basic, classic collection.  I love a good fad, but I am tired of my single life habits of picking up things I wear once a month, matched with items I wear all the time.  I want to SIMPLIFY my life. help?

6. A Lustron.  It's a house they made in the 50's that's made entirely of metal. Metal exterior, metal walls, medal ceilings, metal built in cupboards.  It's my current kitchen, but a whole house.  They never made these in Utah, to my profound disappointment, but I wonder if moving a metal house is easier than moving a brick one?

7. A market that sells corn flour.  is that so much to ask???

8. The ability to manipulate my own physics and read a book while knitting. If anyone knows a trick other than ordering the nearest person that it's time to turn the page, let me know.


Ball Lightning said…
I could get my girl Vicki to read to you while you knit.
Tiffani said…
Oh alright, I'll do it! I will sneak into your house and steal your clothes.
Anonymous said…
I stumbled across this picture of the Lustron house. I own a Lustron and was wondering what info you have on the house you posted pictures of. I want to paint mine, but it is difficult. I was wondering if you know how the owner painted this dining room pink - what type of paint did they use and what was the process? Thanks!

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