Love and Basketball.

I'm missing Pioneer Woman on Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network tonight to go to a Jazz game.

Either we need to get Tivo, or we need to sell the Jazz to some wretched city without a team.  Or to Los Angeles, who apparently doesn't mind having more than one team. 

Actually, if I'm going to sit and watch a basketball game, I'm glad that I get to do it in person where there are lots of distractions and people watching and unhealthy snacks at my disposal.

I've had a real hankering for a churro for YEARS. It's time to give in.

And it's fun to go with Husband, because he doesn't care about ANY of those things, he cares about the bizniss down on the floor between those lanky mutant giant people tossing a ball around, and I can always know when to watch the jumbo screen for the replay right after he "OHHHH!!!!!"s. 

Also, I LOVE booing referees.  I don't care what the call is or what team suffered, I will always take an opportunity to boo a ref.  It's as cathartic to me as those businesses they have in Japan where you can go in and break stuff in a room for a fee.  I take it all out on that poor ref.  Every time my boss asks me to redo something because she's bored, every time my receptionist treats me like I'm her toddler child, every time some idiot cuts me off on Foothill Drive, I just think- save it for the refs, Opal. 

That being said, if anyone has Tivo, save Throwdown with Bobby Flay for me? 


Lacey J. said…
I've got you covered! Never fear! I am the protector of all things Pioneer Woman.

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