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I can't help myself, and this one also has a delightful untold story.
When I was in 4th Grade, I befriended a lovely girl. Somehow we always ended sitting next to each other at lunch (oh how I miss Hawaiian Haystack Thursdays at Canyon Crest) and I would admire her great sweaters and her glow in the dark retainer, and, well, I'm not sure what she admired about me!  But we were excellent friends. Back in the day when you could hang out with a person at school during lunch and recess, and the rare afterschool playdate, and from that consider them your BFF. We would make mockeries of the boys climbing to the top of the swing set, and do a great deal of sledding down the hill in the winter time. 

Nickie and I both moved away from Canyon Crest our 5th grade year, me to sanpete and her to another state, and what ensued was the most delightful penpal friendship that you could imagine. She would send me the loveliest letters with colors and sketches and illustrations, and she was always so ahead of the times on things to buy, music to like, and crushes to be had.  My friend grew up faster than I did, and blossomed into a remarkably beautiful woman before my eyes.

After about 9th grade we fell out of touch, I think she may have even moved once or twice more, and then finally in college we reconnected on the inevitable planet of facebook, and to my delight discovered that my artsy friend was living and studying in england as an accomplished designer of all things graphic and all things fashion.  She floors me with her street and high fashion ideas, and sophisticated approach to even the most elementary of outfits. Now the boys may cringe at a fashion blog, but hopefully my lady contigency will appreciate her lively style and charming writing as she explores the art of fashion in a totally forward fast moving london street style sort of way.  Plus, I want to run right out and get the lipstick she recommended.

But be warned, every time I read her blog it gives me a hankering for another visit to Covent Garden and a spot of Earl Grey Tea.


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