Largest Sporting Event in the World??

I bet that you had no idea that such an event was going on at this exact moment, did you? 

The 16th Asian Games (their theme is year roughly translates to "thrilling games, harmonious asia" haha) are going on right now, and they claim to be the largest sporting event in the world based on the number of athletes that are actually competing, which apparently outshines the number of athletes in the Olympics by a great sum.  Interestingly, the exact numbers are hard to get.

This year the event is being held in Guangzhou, China, not too far from Hong Kong.  It's apparently the first time that China has hosted the event, because of the extreme restrictions they've had in the past about incoming persons (and horses) from a variety of countries.  As we speak, a number of very unhappy equestrians from India are sitting pleading at a border insisting that the western diseases that their horses "tested positive" for are fake results.  There is no way that these horses from India have diseases only found in in Latin America, so we'll see if India finds a way in, or if China gets to keep them out sans any sort of reprecussions.

If they are lucky enough to get through customs and borders, athletes and coaches will spend hours a day disinfecting their hands, shoes and face at various stations throughout the various complexes, getting frisked as they enter and exit every building, but otherwise having a right good time.

Here's a few of my favorite photos from the events that I thought were pretty spectacular. 

 the site of the opening ceremonies and cauldron lighting. SWEET!

Fireworks Display at end of the ceremonies.

The Lotus Aquatic Complex

The interior of the Lotus.  that's the most beautiful indoor waterscape I've ever seen.  I thought the Beijing complex was pretty cool, but this would be an amazing sight.

Team horses at the brand new equestrian complex.  sign me up!

That's your fun international tidbit of the day (with a smattering of horses, just the way I like it!)


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