Humans are Splendid.

It's photos and stories like this that make the art of sport great:

Wong Wan-yiu of Hong Kong was competing in the last 40 laps of an epic indoor cycling finals at the Asian Games, and came down in a horrific pile up.  She was run over by other bikes, and in the end was determined to have broken a rib and dislocated her shoulder, not to mention road rash that would be enough to put me to bed for a month.

And this woman gets up, gets on a replacement bike, and rides 37 more laps to win the Silver Medal. 

As it appeared on CNNgo:

Wong was determined to finish the race as this was her last chance to gain enough points to qualify for the London Olympics. She said to Apple Daily that "you have to be willing to sacrifice in order to achieve anything; it's all give and take."

Read more: Wong Wan-yiu wins silver at Asian Games to see the whole article


Daniel T said…
That is a fantastic story.

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