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Some Horse Updates for you from Around the Globe:

1. My Horse Job: I had a wonderful fall season working with Gwen, the mare that I was hired to pitch in on. We did a little riding, a ton of groundwork, and had to go back to basics working with hooves when she tried to kick her owner during a hoof trim. She almost nailed me pretty good last week too, but with some work and some nontraditional approaches, her feet are looking better and I think she’s had some much needed attitude adjustment. She’s got the winter off now, so except for a ground lesson here or there, and a foot trim or two, I’m all done with her until spring. Such a fun adventure!

2. New Horse Gig: I volunteered at Camp K’s Equestrian Center on Monday night, and was really impressed with the operation they have there. For the lay horsefellow, Camp K is one of many growing institutions across the globe employing horses as a means of rehabilitation and advancement for children with both mental and physical disabilities and behavioral problems, veterans recovering from injury or PTSD, children from difficult, abusive, or neglectful homes, and there are even a number of prison equine rehab programs. This camp focuses on children and veterans, as well as reaching out to the general public. They have a couple of really lovely and skilled horses, and the Equestrian Boss is an old friend of mine, so I’d have kind of the run of the place in terms of exercising horses. They have a beautiful lighted and covered indoor arena, so I will definitely be pitching in there all winter for my horse fix.

3. BREEDERS CUP CLASSIC!!!! For those who don’t know, this Saturday is going to be easily one of the biggest days in horse racing in my lifetime. The already record holding 6 year old mare, Zenyatta, is going for her 20th consecutive win. This will be her final race, and if she wins it, she will be the only horse with this record at this level of competition. Her 19 previous wins were all “stakes races,” which meant the top caliber races in America, not just your dog and pony show in the backyard. She is the only filly to ever win the BC classic, and if she wins again, the only horse to ever win 2 consecutive BC Classics. And she’s a GIRL. You think this is just horse people talk? Talk to OPRAH, who named her one of the 20 most important women of the year. Talk to 60 minutes, ABC News, NBC Sports, ESPN- She is a champion unlike any other. Here, I’ll shut up, just watch this:

You died a little, didn’t you?

It happens to be that her race coincides with the Utah/TCU football game, as well as a visit to Dan’s family to visit our niece, Fifi. This means that my new family is going to get a front row seat to…um, me. My mother is to blame for my abhorrent horse racing watching behavior, in which we yell like jockeys, scream at our favorite horses, and then ball like babies regardless of the outcome, just for the sheer beauty and insanity of it all. If the Jacksons aren’t scared, THEY SHOULD BE. But hey, if crying for the beauty of a horse is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

4. Finally, my boyfriend Boyd Martin and his horse Remington III just spent 5 days shipping from JFK Airport in New York to Pau, France to compete in the last international competition of the year. I took a beautiful shot of Remi (as he’s affectionately called by his adoring fans) at an event in PA last fall, and I’ve been star struck ever since.
Wishing them the best of luck and safety in a pack of 38 horses! (and if you ever want to know what the logistics are of air/van shipping a horse more than 6,000 miles, it’s quite interesting.)  Three Cheers for a horse weekend!


mulemama said…
naturally, i love this post piece by piece and also in its entirety. I will be yelling like a jockey for two straight days of breeders cup races culminating in Zenyatta in the classic. but i won't be doing it for an audience, so, sorry but i had to vote no... (frightening people is never a good idea)
Lacey J. said…
We will love you and accept you regardless. Remember you're talking about a family that's dealt with me freaking out and crying over Pippi Longstocking, American Idol and The Godfather. This is a safe space.
Derek said…
Did you see Calvin Borel and that other jockey duking it out in the winner's circle yesterday? It was almost better than the race itself. Almost...
Natalie Kay said…
I found your blog today, and since I don't want to come across as a blog stalker, I thought I'd let you know. :)

P.S. You are a super talented writer.
Daniel T said…
Yeah, never ever EVER watch The Godfather with Lacey. Bad news.

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