The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Elder Packer altered his speech as it will appear in perpetuity on the church's online version.  The most recent version changes the word "temptation" to "tendencies" and has removed the section about God's intent and whether or not people are born with same-sex tendencies.  The Trib reports that it is standard practice for speakers to slightly revise their talks before they are published. Regardless of your personal beliefs, this now more accurately portrays the previously stated views of the Church on homosexuality.

While I wish it had never been said in the first place, I am grateful that the Church is revising the statement as it will appear in digital perpetuity.  I hope that proponents of gay rights will accept the gesture for what it is, and be happy that some of the dialogue that's gone on in the past week has perhaps aided the Church in insuring that Elder Packer's comments accurately depict the Church's position, which is slightly less controversial and more understanding and compassionate.

I promise less heated and more exciting blogs in the near future. Thanks for sticking with me, friends.  


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