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This morning I'd like to take a moment to draw your attention to some blogs that I've recently added to my sidebar.  And yes, you're welcome, because you are indeed now 15 minutes closer to the end of your workday.

La Porte Rouge
I know this sounds like a pretentious blog name, but I stumbled upon this photographer, and I've decided she's sort of the organic rustic King Midas of Photography. Everything that she touches turns to awesome. Also, she has this beautiful new black horse so thick in the chest you could take the worlds best nap by throwing your arms around his neck, locking your fingers, and falling asleep in his blackness.  Love.

Alissa My Sister
Although my sister has had a beautiful and regularly updated blog for years, I just got around to adding a sidebar, and thus haven't gotten to show it off for the attention that it deserves.  She is NOT, and I mean NOT your average mommy blogger, if the giant black widow spider on her background wasn't your first hint.  She does talk about her children, but usually with a focused, loving and hilarious or sweet edge, depending on how close Russell came to being expelled from Kindergarten that day.  As Alissa's business cards say "mother of Russell and Alice" is an absolutely exceptional job title, if ever I heard one.

 Beyond that, she also happens to have a great horror movie advice list up right now.  Read it, I promise you will love it and never want to read my crap again.

Mr. and Mrs. Globetrot
I just barely discovered this blog via the featured post about their wedding.  They had a beautiful travel-themed wedding, oh, and for the honeymoon?  Just an 18 month trip around the world. YAH.  And they ain't staying at Hostels, neither.  Don't ask me how or why anyone has this kind of time or money, don't make me think about the painful logistics, just utterly enjoy her shots of Paris Streetfashion, and his background on the town of Split, Croatia (a place I've been dying to go since 2008...someday.) 

I would conclude by featuring my beautiful and clever sister-in-law Lacey's new blog, but I know that she would kill me. oops, was that a hotlink? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???


Alissa Rae King said…
Nice! Thanks for the glowing review! You always have sent me to the best blogs so being here is quite the compliment, even if, as my little sister, you are sort of obligated to think I'm cooler than snow.

And I continue to be jealous of your creepy music.
Lacey J. said…
Lorraine!!! My horrible blog is supposed to be a super secret! It's okay. I still like you a lot. A lot a lot.

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