Halloween Part One.

The best Halloween that I ever had was when I was a sophomore in High School, and it started at 6:45 in the morning. It was a dark and stormy morning.  94.9ZHT (remember that?) was giving away tickets to Thriller. I didn't know what it was, but it sounded fun, and I thought that awesome wonderful ass hat Jake would want to go with me. oh high school. Just being a drama nerd in high school is probably enough horror for one halloween, but I digress.

So what do you know, I win!  I call Jake to see if he wants to go, and I specifically remember that he didn't want to go, and he decided right then he'd rather go to the lame party, whatever.  So I invited my mom. To this day, I am glad that Jake turned me down right away.

My mom took me north, took me out for dinner, and bought me a scarf at the Gap in Trolley Square which is still one of my favorites.  We went to the show at Kingsbury Hall with absolutely no expectations at all, and were pleased to discover that 94.9 had gotten us pretty sweet seats. 

What ensued was the single most entertaining 2 hours and best halloween night of my life.  If you have never seen Odyssey Dance Theatre's Thriller, you are so so so missing out on the best way for a boring childless adult to spend their Halloween. 

My mom and I both raved about this incredible night that neither of us were expecting, and I have gone on to see it 6 more years. The only years that I've missed it were when I lived in DC.  It's funny, its brilliant, it's entertaining, and it is in my opinion the only civilized way to spend a Halloween in Utah. 

And if you're not doing anything on faux-Halloween Night, (Oct. 31st is a sunday, therefore we are going on the 30th, Saturday) consider yourself invited. 

And yes, this is a series. I have much more to say on the matter of Halloween.  (Don't think I've forgotten you, Little Sally!)


jordan.spain said…
Me and Brad REALLY want to go! We've been talking about it. Where and how do we get tickets??? It would be a fun double date?
yes, please come! I'm going to do a great deal of inviting, marrieds, singles, friends and family alike, I'm aiming to comandeer the nosebleeds!
Ball Lightning said…
I went to it once long ago, I was bamboozled by how cool it was!
madre said…
i'm so glad you wrote about that, it was a totally magical, super SCARY and really perfect halloween thing we did. remember how hyped we were? it was extra cool having NO idea what to expect! not counting our many good horse memories, Thriller and our Coldplay concert were a couple of our super best... love you, thanks for rekindling the memory~
I have been wanting to go to this forever...my sis-in-law and her sisters go to the one you go to AND to the one in St.George...she says the St.George one is her fav? SO maybe NEXT year the WEEKEND before Halloween (because I get to go trick or treating for 7 more years :) we should do a Jackson aunt/niece trip (and hey invite them ALL) and GO to the Tuacahn in Dixie!!! :) For some reason I am thinking this is outside...
hummmmm...what do you think....???

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