Day One in Kentucky

after a day of close travel calls, a la delayed flights, car trouble with my rental car, insane parking procedures, and hours of waiting in line for a shuttle, I made it to the park with literally only SECONDS to spare before the very first horse stepped out for the Grand Prix Dressage Freestyle.  `

it was extraoardinary. i have so much to say and so little time to say it, but i will tell you that FUEGO stole the show.  Viva Espana! he got the best cheers of the night from the crowd, i literally had tears, and despite the fact that he didn't place, he will be the horse that lives in the hearts of the audience forever. 

seeing Ashley Holzer of Canada take the lead and celebrate with hugs, kisses and tears from her fellow canadians on my way to the portajohn. very often this moment is not about winning or even getting a medal, but about achieving your personal best score under pressure, and Ashley did that with extraordinary grace.  Canada is my new favorite neighbor.

having people cheer at the portajohn for the speed with which I used the portajohn.  I am my own winner.
(there is no picture of that, mercifully)

and of course, seeing Steffen Peters of the US take bronze and Totilas of the Netherlands absolutely kill it and take his third gold medal of these games.  gorgeous gorgeous animal.

edward and totilas

                                Steffen and Ravel

more to come, death defying cross country and lots and lots of horse vendor everdosing tomorrow! (i promise not to buy TOO many things i don't need, dan!)


Busy times can be fun, but never want to forget that God loves us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins so we would not have to pay the price.(But choice is ours.) Check out the book of John in the Bible to find how to be changed from the inside out. Life is short but eternity is forever.
madre said…
so excellent!! and thanks for the pic of san diegans steffan and ravel, bronze medal winners, woo hoo! and a medal for you for your speed pee...
madre said…
SPECTACULAR shots!! (extremely scary) like the duck! and the swell hat and vest~ it looks like an amazing place to be, wish i were there but your blog makes me think i am! now i am going to go watch the LIVE coverage on NBC! so exciting.

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