My horse juice has been in 100% full gear mode for about a month now.  I'll give you a hint: It's probably better than beer.  What you need to know is this: The Universe is trying to tell me something.

After 4 years of living in Salt Lake in College, the only time that I ever went riding was when I went home to Sanpete County to ride the solid paint horse, Duke, that my parents had for awhile.  He was an awesome horse who got me back on my feet after the trauma of Starr and a couple safe but jarring tumbles off my mom's wonderful but rambunctious gelding, Ralphy.  So for that, Dukers, thank you.


But never, in the 4 years I was here, did anyone ever offer me a horse to ride. 

Then I go to Virginia, I lease this amazing horse Murphy. All Murphy and I do for 2 or 3 times a week for 2 solid months is trot and gallop up down and around Manassas Battlefield until we're both pooped. No agenda, no fear, just good solid fun.  Something about that time changed me forever because now, nothing holds my attention like that memory. Except maybe the fantasy of doing more of that, forever.

looking between murphy's ears and out over Manassas:

And then right before I moved to California,  (as in, after my last day of work and mere hours before I was supposed to start driving across the country) I got a call from a world famous barn in Maryland that wanted me to come be a paid working student. Essentially, my dream job. They even once had Gem Twist, my favorite Breyer and real life horse, come and do a jumping demo there once. It was fate. One of their only requirements was that I not have a serious boyfriend or any plans to get married in the next year (they understandably want their students completely focused on the work and training).  I laughed.

I'm laughing now too. 

I didn't take the job, and I wasn't sure at the time why I wasn't.  I was positive that I had just blown my shot at the very thing I'd always wanted most. (I try really hard to convince myself that international politics interest me as much as what your horse's "road apples" tells you about their overall health and foraging techniques, but I'm so so so sorry to say that I don't.  It's so sad.)  And then I moved to California and then to Utah, and got married to awesome Dan, blah blah blah.  Cute. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE HORSES????

So here's the weird thing. After all those years of no one offering me anything, in the past month 2 close friends, a stranger, and a coworker have all offered me a place to ride/train/manage horses for free, or would actually give ME money to do it. 

Is there something you'd like to say, Universe? I'm all ears. 


Daniel T said…
I'm relieved you didn't take that job :)
Tiff said…
FABULOUS!! Fate...destiny! Awesome...that is what came to glad you didn't take that job either...we kinda like havin' you in the fam! :)

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