I'd Hang it on My Wall.

Now that I have that small bit of horse out of my system (yeah right)  I will go on to talk about something else I find delightful.  My extraordinarily talented friend Lindsay confessed to being "that kid" in class who defended technology as a inevitable component of the Humanities. I was impressed at her insight, and it also made me think of some of the great things I've seen at the Uvinersity of Uhat. (yes, I change the letters on purpose. I ain't gettin' google searched out of a job thankyouverymuch).  One of my favorite departments that I NEVER would have known about and NEVER set foot in is the Center of Integrative Biomedical Computing, which creates real time, 3 dimensional, maleable images of, well ANYTHING.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

mere students, humans in their late teens or early 20s, can build images using code of everything from maps of comparative images of the Dark Universe to atmospheric changes over time to the complicated interior layers of a zebra fish and even through the many complicated arrangements within the body to show you a tumor in a living breathing human lung. 

Anyone who says that technology isn't beautiful or isn't relevant to the humanities isn't just a wet blanket, they are tragically uninformed.


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