Game Theory.

In the course of the past couple of weeks, things have gotten exponentially better at my job. My productivity has gone through the roof, and the work that I’m producing is the caliber that I expect of myself. And sure enough, once I started truly committing myself to the research and to the letters and to each patron of the Uvinersity of Uhat that I am writing to, the number of errors, the amount of red ink, and the amount of worry has gone down. And as my confidence improves, the confidence is more apparent in my writing too, and I actually sound more like the accomplished middle aged white males I’m supposed to be writing on behalf of! It’s quickly turned into a beautiful cycle of success, and I’m starting to really enjoy my work. For cubicle work, it’s the most rewarding thing that I can imagine.

 Today, I was given a truly great opportunity by my boss to interview the chairman of a committee here about his experiences as a student and philanthropist. The interview went superbly (though in listening to the playback, I’ve realized that I laugh a lot when I’m nervous. I really need to break that on the off-chance that I someday get to interview Ellie Wiesel or Nelson Mandela. I have a feeling that would end TERRIBLY) and I had a wonderful time researching the individual, asking him questions, taking his leads into interesting subjects, and challenging my writing abilities to produce something that will be on the Uvinersity website. All great news. What wasn’t as great was the rather awkward moment when a supervisor made an unsolicited office politics move in the middle of it.

As I may have mentioned here before, I share my job title with another woman. She does all the same work and responsibilities that I do, and has in fact been here just a little while longer. (Also, she’s an opera singer. Thus, let her be known as “Opera Singer”. But my boss gave me this assignment, which was fine, and then asked the Opera Singer to fetch the Chairman and me coffee or water or whatever else we needed for the course of the interview. It just seemed like an unnecessary request when we have 2 receptionists and an executive secretary that normally do that sort of thing.  So in the middle of the interview, she was sent it with cups, a pitcher, and asking how we took our coffee.  I could tell she was a little hurt, and I don't blame her. 

 I am proud of the work I do, but I would certainly not want it shoved in my coworker’s face, nor do I think it’s necessary. I actually think she gets things done a little faster than me, and she is the most polite person on the phone and in person with donors of anyone in the office. Despite the fact that I am sure our writing and productivity are compared by others on a regular basis, I don’t consider her my competition, I consider her a friend and a great coworker who keeps me honest and on task (other than taking a wee break to write this blog.) So what was a great moment in my job and career was made a little bittersweet by the fact that it was shoved in her face for reasons that seem to only be a matter of mind games.

I hope it doesn’t damage my own future or karma or anything else to say this, but I hope she comes back with a fire and shows them all what’s what. We don’t do games. We do our jobs.

And blog occasionally.


Ball Lightning said…
im glad things are getting better over there. nice work and well done.

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