My New Favorite Photo.

I have collected about 600 pictures of the wedding between aunts, uncles, friends, and the photographer, all of which are lovely, and I spend way to much of my day pouring over in glee.  However, this is currently my desktop, based on the awesomeness of its existence:

it's from the Tour de France, and beyond that, I know absolutely nothing about why this man is jousting in a plowed field next to a bunch of professional bicyclists, and why are they are so lame as to ignore him.  SPOLIER ALERT: Hey professional bicyclist dudes. You lose to the Spanish guy about a mile ahead of you.  Take a moment and appreciate the jouster, if at all possible. Thanks.
no, no, I spoke too soon.  Green jersey in the back is with me. Well done, green jersey professional bicyclist dude. Well done.


Daniel T said…
Someone better test that man's blood. We don't want any doping on the tour.

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