Good Thing It Was At A Hospital!

So I got a little sick at my own wedding.  And by sick, I mean I still had indents on my knees from the tile floor of the bathroom the next day (little x's, very cute).

The good news is, I got married, I got some wonderful pictures that my photographer magically made me seem not sicky in, and I got to see firsthand, under the pressures of a happy/stressful/sick bride day, how truly wonderful my friends, family, and therapist are.

My Daddy not only walked me down the aisle on my wedding day, he held ice packs all over my body to get my temperature down after my heat stroke.  He not only did the daddy daughter dance with grace and humour (here, there, and everywhere by the beatles) but he spent extra hours giving class and color and life to the wedding spaces as only my Dad can.  He not only paid for everything, he befriended our friends, bonded with my in laws, and taught people the Evans line dance.  That was cool, Dad.

Gretchen not only introduced me to my husband 9 months ago, she also left her two children and husband at the reception to come sit on the bathroom floor and tickle my arms and back, a trick she performed with rave reviews when I was sick 7 years ago during the run of our play, The Crucible.  She was the lead, I had 17 lines, and I was sick, and she tickled my back.  I'll tell you what, it worked just as well last friday as it did then.

All the women in my life, my mom, my sisters, my lovely aunts, my bff's who flew in from everywhere to be here, and did anything and everything that I asked of them. And my two beautiful new sibbys: Kayli, who did the single most important thing perfectly, which was to show up looking AWESOME, and Lacey, who not only did likewise, but also kept me calm in a pre-ceremony glitch.  Glitches always sound better when they come from one of your childhood heroes.

But most of all, my husband Dan.  More than a few people have mentioned to me that they caught a peek of me down on my knees, makeup-ed face against the cool porcelain of an unusual bridal throne, and what caught their attention was the doting man in a suit on his knees too, rubbing his wife's back and telling her it would be okay, and not to worry about the guests because they were all having a great time.  I was the girl lucky enough not to feel only the glimpses, but the full on love and attention of Dan Jackson.  I'm sure I could have gone about getting his attention some other way, but this worked, too :)

More and more thank yous I extend to Morgan Trinker, our patient and incredibly talented photographer, Jaynann Daly, my make up arteeest, impromptu nurse and dear new friend who made me pretty and kept me from looking sickly throughout the day, the neighborhood ladies of Eagle Mountain who served ice cream and played DJ, my incredible sisters who made my veil, my invitations, and my flower girls!  My in-laws who went out and bought water and gatorade for me and our 200 guests, my new sibbys who kept me laughing and have taken me into their family with open hearts, and every single guest who came to show their support, or to eat a good piece of cobbler.  Dan and I continue to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, support, open arms and celebration shown by our loved ones.  We feel more than blessed, we feel double blessed- by those we've always had in our lives to lend a hand, and those we've inherited from each other who have offered a hand without a second thought.

Here is a parting shot for those of you who've survived my Oscars-like swan song, the first of many wedding pictures, but one of my faves.  There's a theme here.  I"ll give you a hint: one of us is healthy, one of us is sick, and one of us is dead ;) 


Ball Lightning said…
im glad i could be a part of it. sorry for almost ruining everything ;)
it was a beautiful day (aside from the sick was a super HOT day!!!) you were absolutely stunning and in 18 years I have been apart of the Jackson family I do not think i have ever seen my nephew look so happy! So very excited to get to know you better....loves and hugs!

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