I'll See You in the World Series. Yeah, You Bet You Will.

I had my first wedding disaster nightmare last night.

1. I forgot the rings.
2. The reception place towed our honeymoon getaway car before the ceremony had even started.
3. They lost my music for walking down the aisle
4.  The reception waitress kept interrupting our preparation to try to sell me a commemorative painted log slice with elk on it (they said they felt this one best represented the theme of the wedding, and had already personalized it with mine and Dan’s names)

(something like this only with Elk and mountains. yeah.)

5. When I politely asked her to leave so that I could put on my wedding dress, everyone in the room was so mad at me for being rude to the lady with the log that no one would help me put on my wedding dress, and I couldn’t get married.

I've never been so happy that no dream I ever had turned out to be a prophecy. 


Daniel T said…
Can we please have a commemorative wedding log with hyenas on it?

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