She's Open!!!

While I have no doubt Dan is more liberated by completing his college career than I am, I feel like having that major milestone behind us has brought us both some freedom and clarity. From here on out through July, we are responsible solely for our jobs, the wedding, and most importantly each other.

The past couple weeks have been a lot more stressful than I thought that they would be. As I’ve said before, planning this wedding with Dan has been one of the most uproarious, quirkiest and most enjoyable experiences of creativity and partnership that I have ever known. We seem to be on the same wave length on almost everything, and what we don’t agree on gives us a great chance to learn about each other and compromise and even occasionally openly mock one another, which I find equally important to a healthy relationship.

But it’s been stressful to be apart, stressful to be driving a lot, and stressful to be counting pennies for the wedding, the security deposits, the rent, the commute costs and our very anti-kitchen lives right now. Dan has heroically risen to the occasion, and I have had both moments of grace and moments of neuromoleculardisintigration that dissolves me into a rabid beast foaming at the mouth and nail polished claws out with a carnal need to seek out steak and road rage. (any chance that’s a real thing, G?)

This morning, though, I feel grace. I feel comfortable in the changing tides and comfortable with the idea of the next 5 weeks and what they mean and what they will require of me. I feel refreshed, and I feel ready to do my part. I feel like even in the midst of not yet moved/ not yet married insanity, my mind finally caught up to this whole gig, is balancing out the crazy emotions of my first and last time of being in love, and realizing that this weird path has led to exactly the hippie sno cone shack on Pueblo Beach I always thought my life ought to end up at. Like a Gidget movie, but BETTER.

And guys, wait until you see the wedding invitations.


jordan.spain said…
I love this. I know exactly how you feel. You are only 5 short weeks away. You can do it! I cannot wait for your wedding. It is going to be amazing!
Ball Lightning said…
I dont think its a real word but there will be no penalty for inventing such an awesome word. In fact I award you full points.

Great blog! And I cant believe I'm going to say this.. but.. I actually am excited to see your announcements tonight.

What have you guys done to me!?

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