Roommates Round #6

In a shocking twist of fate, my same friend who hooked me up with the GREATEST group of girls in Arlington has hooked me up with the very last group of girls I will ever live with, this time in dear wonderful Sugarhouse Salt Lake City. This friend, let’s call him, Veep, has never led me astray. I once worked on a campaign of his years and years ago, which he won, and he has been paying for it dearly ever since by doing me perpetual favors that I uniquivocally never could have done myself. From helping me move to going to my surgery to being a constantly good source of advice and stability, Veep has been there. From my earliest days in college, and he’s going to feel old when I say this, he has always been like sort of a second father to me. A really cool father you want to go on crazy adventures with. But I digress.
It is shocking to me after 6 years of living with all sorts of random people, I’ve always been incredibly lucky in the roommate department. Moving in with friends, moving in with strangers, moving in with distant acquaintances, I have always completely lucked out and can honestly say that I am still friends with nearly every one of them.

Jordanian Blossom and I are getting married within a WEEK of each other.

Shadijoon and I just went shooting together.

 Hannah Hussein and I email each other pretty regularly, and would be soulmates even if we never spoke again (I love friends like those)

 Josephine and I just met up in her GRAND new home of New York City

And my once all very single gal pals from DC and I all just shared our respective engagement stories over lunch.

These girls were so much more than people I shared living space with. They were women who shared their souls, and bore my temper, and lightened my load. They made me food, made me laugh, and let me cry. They learned how to give me my space when it was necessary, and pile on the the love when I needed it.
I can honestly say that the Object of my Affection incapsulates so much of what I loved about these women, I have not even the smallest doubt that he will be my favorite roommate of all. But to that note, I am genuinely glad that I have one more shot at that feeling of sisterhood and communal womanly life which is so sacred and sweet, so irreverent and hilarious, and such a part of the woman I am today and the wife I will be. Cheers to that, my dear sisters, wherever you are.


Alissa Rae King said…
I actually think I was your first roommate, and I can vouch for what an excellent Cinderella you are... until you wanted to go to the ball and we would start a different game.

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