Reconnecting with an old...friend

Since I'm back to the apartment hunt grind, allow me to share a recent winner with you (craig, er, Mr. List and I go way back, you see) 

Room Mate with benifits (Cottonwood Heights)
Have large executive home to share with open minded female(s) on a trade bases. Private bed and bath, wireless Internet, workout facilities, all utilities and amenities included.
Due to the spam, place "COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS" in the subject line if you want a reply.

oh man, gee, see, this would work GREAT, but I don't share apartments with guys who can't spell "BENEFITS".  Also, "trade bases."  Delightfully, though, he did spell amenities right, which is pleasing. 

And that's really too bad about the spam. 


Daniel T said…
LOL! You know Lorraine, you are looking for a place to crash for the next couple of months. You can always teach him how to use spell check, but benifits like the ones he's offering are hard to come by.

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