It is worth its space on the tubes of the internets to not just tell you, but provide you PROOF that my 87 year old grandmother, survivor of the Great Depression and most frugal living woman alive ("except that I would NEVER buy generic ginger snaps, tut tut.") Did not finish everything on her plate today. We went to Tucano's for the Salad Bar, yes, the Salad Bar, because grandma had a coupon, but did not want to break the word of wisdom by over indulging in meat. But she said the fruit was "too tart." an excuse if ever I heard one, and she left her plate partially full. Because this has NEVER happened in the 18 years I have been living and eating in my grandmother's presence, I took a picture.


Alissa Rae King said…
I love this so much I CAN NOT get over it. And I love Grandma's cheeky grin! Well done, Low Life. Well done.

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