A Glass of Red Wine with the Devil.

The Object of my Affection and I happened upon the conversation of Utah liquor stores. My initial argument was that liquor stores not being open on Sundays is another demonstration of Utah's perpetual indifference to adhering to a separation between church and state. And you can't argue that it's because government entities aren't open on Sundays because they are clearly open on Saturdays, which is also not a Utah government working day. Nor is Friday actually, for that matter, so by those rules, it should only be open 4 days a week. Think of the possible revenue the state might gain by having liquor stores open an additional day, especially as the Utah state leg is slashing budgets and programs left and right in their floundering 45 days in office. Let's face it, the Land of Zion needs another round.

But beyond how much it annoys me, it got me thinking about something else. Are there Mormons who work at Utah Liquor Stores? or maybe more shockingly in a state with an enormous religious majority, is it possible there isn't a single Mormon who does work at a liquor store? If anyone knows a Mormon liquor store employee, I would love to interview them. :)


T said…
I like your style, Lois. Imagine how much more tolerable sessions would be if you had a nice buzz the next time you had to listen to someone bare their soul as they "thought about this on the way to church today". ;)

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