mainly on the plain.

Well, isn't this an interesting turn of events? After keeping a dedicated blog for more than four years about travelling internationally and domestically, I may now have arrived at my absolute greatest challenge yet- can I keep a travel blog alive, well, and interesting when I am in fact back in Provo, Happy Valley, Utah? Can my readership bear the anguish of mormon history adventures and pilgrimages to childhood landscapes? Can my liberal hippie heart withstand the cold tempest winds of wafting Deseret News conservative inuendo and the dangerous PCP levels of Sean Hannity being transmitted across the valley and into the children's drinking water without going on the blograge fritz? Will I ever overcome my deep and longstanding phobia of home teachers? that may not seem applicable to the survival of this blog necessarily, but it seems to be something that I'm going to inevitably face here, and you just may have to suck it up and hear about it someday. Feel forewarned.

And in the meantime, I will heroically continue to write about life as if it were a travel adventure. Though the streets have never been more familiar, the paths I have begun to walk are not, and I hope to share with honesty and a sliver of charm the small failures and successes of yet another attempt at starting life anew. Hold on to your butts, kids, I think this round might be a good one.


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